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  Our Core Business

By leveraging on ISDN’s core competencies in Precision Motion Control, Industrial Computing Solutions and Other Engineering Solutions, the Group is able to serve a multitude of industries including defence, medical, aerospace and oil & gas.

other industries we serve
Robotic Aerospace Medical

ISDN work with the system used for
manufacturing. Industrial robots are automated, programmable and capable of movement on
two or more axes

By leveraging on the intellectual inputs of strategic partners and collaborations with leading research institutes, ISDN is able to offer innovative solutions to the aerospace industry, supplying components
such as micro motors and drives.

ISDN draws upon its global network to provide both downstream and upstream applications in the medical field by working with industry professionals to customise micro motors and drives for surgical robots as well as insulin pumps and collimators.

Textile Information Technology & Telecommunications Packaging

ISDN's experience and expertise in motion control are applied across the textile assembly process from fibre feeding under tension to fabric painting.


ISDN, through Dirak Asia Pte Ltd, manufactures high-end hinges and locks for the information technology and telecommunications industries for the purpose of safeguarding the integrity of sensitive data. Some of the Group's customers in this segment include Foxconn and Nasdaq listed-Flextronic.

Depending on the customer's specific needs, ISDN provides both induction motors with a feedback device and a host of motion control elements.


Oil & Gas Alternative Energy Automotive

ISDN offers precision engineering solutions encompassing industrial computing and motion control for private sector and government customers.


ISDN supplies positioning stages and customized control systems to leading solar panel processing
equipment manufacturers.

ISDN supplies engineering solutions at the pre-assembly stages in the automotive sector. Aside from providing inputs to generic products such as locks and welding applications in the production line, the group is also involved in putting together testing equipment and systems by leveraging on its motion control capabilities.

Semiconductor Special-Purpose Machine Tools Marine & Offshore

ISDN has an established track record in of
providing motion control products and services
for the semiconductor industry


ISDN supplies motion control solutions for highly specialized machine tools such as plasma cutting
lasers and water-jet cutting equipment.

ISDN supplies a variety of safety gadgets to better anticipate and manage inclement weather conditions. These include wireless systems to check crane loads and wind speed and industrial PC panel controllers and industrial software to contractors.