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Other Specialised Engineering Solutions


Other speciliased engineering solutions include that for industrial vision, precision gears, gear boxes, laser technologies for precision measurement and cutting as well as for high-end industrial locks and hinges. These solutions include the assembly and manufacturing of special purpose motors and gears,
and the trading and distribution of spares, components and motors.

In addition to that, we also develop, manufacture and sell innovative components for enclosure construction – specializing in latching, hinging, and gasketing. Our high quality, customized products function either mechanically or electronically, and have been used for many years in the most demanding applications in industries
such as:

• Energy Industry
• Machine Construction Industry
• Medical Technology Industry
• Heating, Ventilation,Air Conditioning (HVAC)

• Sheet-Metal Fabrication
• Traffic Technology and Tunnel
• Engineering
• IT Infrastructure

We offer high quality latches, hinges and other fitting technology for the most demanding applications.

Our Other Specialised Engineering Solutions Business segment provides specialised engineering solutions, including standard modular construction components for use in industrial automation systems, and hardware components such as high-end industrial locks and hinges. Examples of such specialised engineering solutions include assembly and manufacture of high-tech locks and hinges, modular aluminium structures and conveyors, and the trading and distribution of spares, components and motors. Our customers require our expertise to provide engineering solutions tailored to their particular or specialised needs, and we provide value-added proposals according to our customers' requirements.

Our customers in the Other Specialised Engineering Solutions business are mainly from the following industries:

• General Automation :

Our customers from various industries may also require our industrial hardware products for their use as part of their general automation requirements or as part of general production and/or assembly lines. For instance, we produce modular aluminium frames and structures, conveyor systems and accident-prevention guards for process machinery and other parts and components used in conveyor systems. Such products are employed by manufacturers in their manufacturing processes such as automatic machinery, bottling, packaging and handling lines in general. Based on our customers' requirements, we are able to supply kits containing all necessary components (cut to size and ready for assembly into structures), or supply pre-assembled structures.

• Telecommunications :

Our customers who are in the telecommunications industry are industrial enclosure manufacturers, telecommunications system owners and developers as well as data centre service providers. Products required by customers in these industries are shelf products such as high tech hinges and locks and electronic locking systems, and customised solutions based on specific customer requirements.

• Railway and Transportation :

Customers who are in railway, subway and transportation industries are manufacturers or contractors of railway and other transportation means, heavy utility equipment and electrical panels, among others. Products required by customers in these industries are [mainly shelf products like customised high end and industrial hinges and locks, display panels and access control and ticketing systems.

Strategic Partners

The Dirak Group is headquartered in Germany with more than 37 distributors in over 40 countries around the world. The group owns over 250 patents specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial enclosure components, which range from hinges and locks to state-of-the art electronic latches
with networking capabilities.

Dirak Asia was set up in Singapore in 1997 and has built up a strong manufacturing base in Suzhou China since 2001. With subsidiaries in Taiwan and Beijing as well, Dirak Asia supplies solutions to Singapore, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. ISDN Holdings now owns a 49% equity stake in Dirak Asia.



Our company is experienced in the standard component industry in relation to machine structure, motion devices and conveyors. We are committed to constant research in developing effective solutions to the varied requirements of industrial automation.

The DBASIX profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble. It's flexible and modular construction means it can be easily modified and re-used at any time..

Mr.Reinhold Eisele founded the first company in 1952 in Pfeffingen Germany producing components for the machine builder (OEMs). “Planetary Gearboxes” was added as a core product to our existing comprehensive portfolio of products. Firstly, Eisele only focus its business in Europe and America. Until 2001, We began marketing and selling to Asia.

With more than 5 decades of experience, constant innovation, product quality emphasis and competent customer service, Eisele being an ideal partner to fulfilling your needs and requirements.

Located in Singapore, Leaptron conducts business around Asia and engage in every aspect of industrial automation, including sales, marketing, distribution, sub-system solution and software customization in the various dynamic market segments including aviation, building, factory automation, food, infrastructure, life science, marine control, medical & healthcare, metal works, power/smart grid, semiconductor and transportation.

At Leaptron, we offer human orientated automation solutions. Our dedicated and passionate team will be there to provide products, services and value added solutions that will cater to all your automation challenges, improving productivity and in turn the lives of human.

Accel-Tech is company dedicated to providing high performance Direct Drive Linear Motion and Rotary Motion solutions.

With our Technology, we design and manufacture Direct Drive Linear Motors, Voice Coil Motors, Direct Drive Actuators and Gantry Systems used in Factory Automation, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Inspection and manufacturing Industries.

Our Voice Coil Products provide Linear, Planar and Rotary motion strokes at forces up to 1300N.

Our Linear Motors provide unlimited lengths through Track  modules and forces up to 3000N. They are cog free and provide high force and High acceleration. There are five Series to meet you Force and Motion Requirements.